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K-391 MP3 Players

MP3 player K-391 MP3 player K-391 MP3 player K-391
K-391 Detailed parameters
  • FM wireless transmission, change Mp3 audio signal into FM signal and transmits wirelessly to the car speaker and play. Full-frequency radiation, frequency rang: 87.5---108.0MHz ,total 206 frequencies are optional, able to be used in every corner of the world
  • Support MP3,WMA music formats
  • No need CD driver for system later than WINDOWS98
  • Lyric shown synchronously. Support 12 languages (simplified Chinese, Taiwanese, English, Japanese, Korean,France, Italy, Germany)
  • Capacity : 128MB--2GB optional
  • Support USB 2.0(FS) interface. Write maximum : 955K byte/s ; read maximum: 1033K byte/s. metal shell, smart and fashionable appearance ; Directly-inserted USB jack
  • OLED(128*64) colorful display. digital repeating function
  • 7 EQ: normal, Rock& Roll, pop, classical, soft,jazz, etc
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • playing methods¡Xnormal, repeat one, folder, repeat folder, random, intro, etc