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Knowledge of digital products Time: 2007-5-30 A digital MP3 player from those components, how to realize the function of the broadcast? A : MP3 digital usually microcomputer control system, decoding chip, memory chips, audio amplifier, button and the plastic casing on several major components. MP3 player via a USB interface and the establishment of communication links between computers, MP3 coding format of the documents stored in Flash. Broadcast, the microcomputer control system role, Flash extraction of music files through the decoder chip decoder, After decoding digital signals during the digital-to-analog converter, forming simulation audio signals, audio, after the amplifier, Signals from the headphone output ports. 2, MP3 players how to conduct synchronized lyrics show? A : Because the online download lyrics documents to text format document, which can not be identified as MP3, text files must be called to append the lyrics LRC document, file name with the name of the same songs, only satisfy these two conditions can be achieved only show lyrics simultaneously. Three, how can the text of the lyrics into suffixes called LRC lyrics document? A : First, start Winnamp broadcast media tools, and then MP3 players randomly attached CD, Open "lyrics editorial" folder, Run "lyrics editorial" files can be opened lyrics editor interface. Then copy the text of the lyrics to the lyrics of a blank document editor interface, click on the "broadcast" button, enjoy music, labeling to include time, after screening the file to MP3 players. lyrics paper chose songs with the same name can be. 4, MP3 player appeared boot over it after I turned the song title, how? A : This situation because of the MP3 player software problems can usually reset to return to normal. If reset after fault persists, please try to computer format to be addressed through : computer on-line and find a "mobile disc F", the mouse moved to the mobile drive, Click the "Right" choices "formatting" mobile hard disk drives, At the same time, "formatting" opt-box choice, "FAT" after formatted disk. 5, does your company's MP3 how to upgrade the software? A : First, the installation of assistive software upgrade, and then downloaded from the Internet on the corresponding firmware. Suggested by upgrading operations, upgrading process, not power outages. 6, I bought MP3 nominal 256M memory, why is the computer that only 196M memory? A : This situation should not mechanical failures, because this new type machines with disk encryption, encrypted disk operation, and the on-line computer disk encryption when the information is impossible to see. Disk encryption, Windows 2000 system or following the installation of Windows 2000 SP4 system have only seen unencrypted disk symbols do not see that the disk encryption keys; only in the installation of Windows XP or Windows 2000 SP4 system It will be on-line in two drive to see one of unencrypted disk, and the other is encrypted disk. To check disk encryption information, it was necessary to run the software tools, and in accordance with the requirements to enter the password. Lost Password in the circumstances to win the whole disk space, only use the Disk Utility to abolish the district and disk encryption, so that information encrypted disk will be attendant lost. 7, why MP4 players were unable to see the computer downloaded from the photo? Answer : There is a reason for this phenomenon may be related to preserve your photographs path misconduct, Please check whether the image files (jpeg or jpg) deposited in the designated Documents folder; If the pictures directly to the file then no time in the root directory is unable to see the picture. Please picture file in the specified folder can be. 8, what is the PMP products? Answer : English PMP (Portable Media Player) short Chinese meaning of the portable media player, usually with two inches above the screen display size; The products in addition to watching movies, listening to music can also browse pictures, and even some products also have as camera, Internet access, and other functions. 9, how the Windows 98 system View MP3 player disk encryption? Answer : Since the creation of encrypted disk machines In Windows 98 on-line system can only show the "single-ordinary dishes", that is not encrypted disk contents. Therefore, to check information on the disk encryption to be on-line before, MP3 will be the first "on-line mode" set to "single-disk encryption." Method : Boot long by "MODO" key to enter the Setup menu, select "System Settings". "On-line model," choose "single-disk encryption" can be rescinded. 10, your company is a manufacturer of digital players how to upgrade the functions of e-books? A : First, from the company website and download e-books and upgrading software "Installebook" compressed files. be kept in the root directory, the computer will be released in compressed files of the players root directory, then run them "ebook.bat" documents can be handled. After installation, the root account emerging \bin document, which shall be the function of e-books program files This allows users to broadcast in the root directory of e-books to establish folder, into which to copy paper bin can hold reading. 11, how to make MP3 recordings document on the computer normal broadcast? A : The aircraft types recording set into "long-time recording" and "quality recording" Two, which "quality recording" documented for the WAV format directly on the computer for playback; "Long recordings" recorded format for the ACT requires software tools can be converted in a computer for playback. Software tools can be used randomly attached CD-ROM audio file conversion software, can be downloaded from the Internet the same as other software tools. 12, why is the MP3 software fringe MTV Video editing documents from the scene after the compression rate? A : Such a situation is due to the MTV "Video Chang" improper cause. The plane "Video Chang," is divided into the "96 x 64" and "128 64" two settings, the system's default "96 x 64" show, if the conversion is wrong, "set up" attribute changes then they would make good MTV editing documents inadequate width, image compression there. Therefore, the conversion video files must be in place before entering the "Settings" section on "Video Chang" parameters change "MTV Video File Chang" Set options "128 64" after its document conversion can be.